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Top Business Secrets Shared By Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour is a successful entrepreneur well-known for his expertise in the Mergers & Acquisitions. Born and raised in the UK, he touched the heights of success with his hard work and dedication. At the age of 14, he started running a market stall in school on the weekends. At that time he used to sell watches and trinkets, which turned out to be his first experience in trading. Harbour quit school at the age of 15 and has never looked back.

Jeremy HarbourNow, Jeremy Harbour is a leading expert in the field of M&A in Europe, Asia and the United States. He is the author of Go Do!, which helped many young entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. At present, Harbour helps entrepreneurs with real tactics for buying, fixing, and selling businesses. After many years of mergers & acquisitions in sales and marketing, here are the lessons Harbour has learned:
1. The importance of buying a business to grow a business.
2. Everyone says “first start a business, then work really hard at it.” You don’t make money running businesses. Your best customer will buy it from you. So, build it to sell.
3. Buy businesses for nothing and then sell them.
4. Being a business owner you need to be strategic and start having higher-level conversations.
In his 20-year career, Jeremy Harbour has started many businesses and has grown an organization to 130 employees with £10m in revenues. Owing to his skills and expertise, he has been invited to Buckingham Palace and The British Houses of Parliament to advise on matters of business and enterprise.