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Go Do! – A Self-Help Business Guide by Jeremy Harbour

Go Do! is a business self-help book written by a Singapore-based serial entrepreneur, Jeremy Harbour. This book is based on the real-life experiences of the author gained from serial entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Here’s a brief round-up of the first five chapters:

Jeremy Harbour
Chapter 1 – Go Me: The first chapter of the book covers the personal life of the author, about his childhood days, family, struggle with his business. Instead of following the common track of education to get a job Jeremy started right out of business after secondary school and after a while built a multi-million-pound business.

Chapter 2 – Risk: This chapter talks on the subject of ‘Risk’ specifically why people fail to live up to their dreams of starting a business. also discusses the issues of failure and why it is important to try something rather than regretting later in life not doing it.

Chapter 3 – Go You: In this chapter, Jeremy Harbour is challenges to give-up all the self-doubts of not starting a business. He highlighted the issues on self-limiting beliefs and discussed ways to overcome them.

Chapter 4 – The worst five excuses: This chapter covers the top five excuses people make for not starting their own business and explored each one of them in detail.

Chapter 5 – The invention myth: The main premise here is that you should look towards innovative evolution instead of pure innovation.

There are more interesting chapters that make Go Do! one of the largest selling business self-help book among the entrepreneurs guided by Jeremy Harbour. If you are looking for some interesting entrepreneurial lessons, this book is a wonder!