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Go Do! – A Self-Help Business Guide by Jeremy Harbour

Go Do! is a business self-help book written by a Singapore-based serial entrepreneur, Jeremy Harbour. This book is based on the real-life experiences of the author gained from serial entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Here’s a brief round-up of the first five chapters:

Jeremy Harbour
Chapter 1 – Go Me: The first chapter of the book covers the personal life of the author, about his childhood days, family, struggle with his business. Instead of following the common track of education to get a job Jeremy started right out of business after secondary school and after a while built a multi-million-pound business.

Chapter 2 – Risk: This chapter talks on the subject of ‘Risk’ specifically why people fail to live up to their dreams of starting a business. also discusses the issues of failure and why it is important to try something rather than regretting later in life not doing it.

Chapter 3 – Go You: In this chapter, Jeremy Harbour is challenges to give-up all the self-doubts of not starting a business. He highlighted the issues on self-limiting beliefs and discussed ways to overcome them.

Chapter 4 – The worst five excuses: This chapter covers the top five excuses people make for not starting their own business and explored each one of them in detail.

Chapter 5 – The invention myth: The main premise here is that you should look towards innovative evolution instead of pure innovation.

There are more interesting chapters that make Go Do! one of the largest selling business self-help book among the entrepreneurs guided by Jeremy Harbour. If you are looking for some interesting entrepreneurial lessons, this book is a wonder!


Think Big If You Want to Achieve Big, says Jeremy Harbour

Most of us tend to be scared of thinking big. We avoid taking risks and it stops us from reaching our full potential. Jeremy Harbour wants to change this. The Singapore-based serial entrepreneur states that thinking big allows us to broaden our horizons and opens the floodgate of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs.

Jeremy HarbourWith a career spanning almost two decades, Jeremy has started multi-million businesses and generated hundreds of jobs. His 200-page business self-help book titled “Go Do!” is for young entrepreneurs and business aspirants who are striving to make their ventures succeed in the long run.
“Self-belief is the key to realizing your dreams and turning them into reality. Trust yourself with the utmost conviction and others will start believing in you. It doesn’t matter how big your goals are, just don’t settle for less. What may be small to one person could be overwhelming for the other. The most important thing is having belief in yourself and to be the very best that YOU can be” shared Jeremy Harbour during a recent interview.
Entrepreneurs across the world are learning from his experience and launching successful businesses. When asked to comment on the book, a reader shared, “Jeremy does not think outside the box, he doesn’t have a box.”

5 Reasons – Why You Should use Financial Advisors and How to Select Them.

5 Reasons – Why You Should use Financial Advisors and How to Select Them.

Financial advisors help you to achieve your investment goals by quantifying your objectives and evaluating your income. They evaluate your expenditure by which he determines and decides about funds allocation in order to achieve your goals.

Once the advisor has determined your goals and has made a chart of your funds allocation, you can start investing.

Financial planning is a very important part and financial advisors are the best people who could help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial advisors are well informed and have the ability and capability to judge funds, as in which investment would suit you best, as products in the market are complex and varied.

He plays a vital role in helping you achieve your financial goals. Presence of a competent, experienced and honest financial Advisor can ensure that the entire process of Investment becomes an easy task.

The Benefits of Having a Certified Financial Advisor

A few people prefer…

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Launch Successful Business with Growth Hacks from Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour, a serial entrepreneur and thought leader, started his first business at the age of 14. After starting multi-million dollar businesses and creating hundreds of jobs, he is sharing his business secrets and growth hacks with future entrepreneurs in his book “Go Do!”

Jeremy Harbour

Here are the major tips and ideas for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and launch successful companies:

1. Be clear why you want to start your business
Don’t start a business because you are bored of your 9-5 job routine. Start only when you’re truly prepared for the journey of entrepreneurship and want to make a difference.
2. Create a business plan
Make a detailed business plan covering USP, target audience, market competition, and financials. Keep it simple but don’t forget to chalk out what differentiates you from the others.
3. Perfect your pricing
Most entrepreneurs jump into the market without conducting market deep dive and preparing pricing model. Keep the numbers in mind so that you’ll be clear what goal you have to achieve in terms of revenue.

While above are few business hacks from Jeremy Harbour, the book is full of growth anecdotes that draw from his personal experience as an entrepreneur. Here’s an excerpt from the same book:

“In current state of economic turbulence, everyone wants to start a business but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a journey that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many people end up failing. But if your business succeeds, the rewards of entrepreneurship can be very delicious”

Jeremy Harbour Give Tips on How to Keep Your Ego In Check As An Entrepreneur

The energy, confidence and the lack of fear is what makes the entrepreneurs move forward and create their momentum for success. The biggest enemy of an entrepreneur is primarily their ego. In essence, ego is a crucial factor to an entrepreneur’s initial success but, sometimes, it becomes a hindrance.

Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour, a leading entrepreneur who has gained impeccable reputation due to his extensive knowledge and expertise in the Mergers & Acquisitions gives some of the tips on how to keep your ego in check:

1. Know when to lead and when to follow:
It can be quite challenging to collaborate with people who don’t have young entrepreneur’s mindset. By looking with a 360-degree perspective may help in improving communication and boost the morale of employees. If someone has an idea, be quiet and listen to it with 100 percent attention.

2. Know the difference between healthy and destructive ego:
There’s a fine line between being a confident business person and just simply being an egotistic narcissist. Be proud of your certain accomplishments, but at the same time, you should be humble about them.

3. Stay grounded:
As an entrepreneur, we are constantly dreaming of the future and how we can achieve our goals in the most efficient way possible. Always remember, where you came from and do activities that reconnect you to your roots.

Jeremy Harbour is also an author of a book Go Do! which can be purchased from

Top Business Secrets Shared By Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour is a successful entrepreneur well-known for his expertise in the Mergers & Acquisitions. Born and raised in the UK, he touched the heights of success with his hard work and dedication. At the age of 14, he started running a market stall in school on the weekends. At that time he used to sell watches and trinkets, which turned out to be his first experience in trading. Harbour quit school at the age of 15 and has never looked back.

Jeremy HarbourNow, Jeremy Harbour is a leading expert in the field of M&A in Europe, Asia and the United States. He is the author of Go Do!, which helped many young entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. At present, Harbour helps entrepreneurs with real tactics for buying, fixing, and selling businesses. After many years of mergers & acquisitions in sales and marketing, here are the lessons Harbour has learned:
1. The importance of buying a business to grow a business.
2. Everyone says “first start a business, then work really hard at it.” You don’t make money running businesses. Your best customer will buy it from you. So, build it to sell.
3. Buy businesses for nothing and then sell them.
4. Being a business owner you need to be strategic and start having higher-level conversations.
In his 20-year career, Jeremy Harbour has started many businesses and has grown an organization to 130 employees with £10m in revenues. Owing to his skills and expertise, he has been invited to Buckingham Palace and The British Houses of Parliament to advise on matters of business and enterprise.