Think Big If You Want to Achieve Big, says Jeremy Harbour

Most of us tend to be scared of thinking big. We avoid taking risks and it stops us from reaching our full potential. Jeremy Harbour wants to change this. The Singapore-based serial entrepreneur states that thinking big allows us to broaden our horizons and opens the floodgate of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs.

Jeremy HarbourWith a career spanning almost two decades, Jeremy has started multi-million businesses and generated hundreds of jobs. His 200-page business self-help book titled “Go Do!” is for young entrepreneurs and business aspirants who are striving to make their ventures succeed in the long run.
“Self-belief is the key to realizing your dreams and turning them into reality. Trust yourself with the utmost conviction and others will start believing in you. It doesn’t matter how big your goals are, just don’t settle for less. What may be small to one person could be overwhelming for the other. The most important thing is having belief in yourself and to be the very best that YOU can be” shared Jeremy Harbour during a recent interview.
Entrepreneurs across the world are learning from his experience and launching successful businesses. When asked to comment on the book, a reader shared, “Jeremy does not think outside the box, he doesn’t have a box.”


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